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Before ordering...
    When you place an order, please fill out all the required fields in full measure.
Orders with insufficient or incorrect customer information may be cancelled without notice.

We will inform the availability and grand total of your order within three days.
However, when there are large number of orders, our response may delay for a day or two.

When you fill out the order form, please make sure your e-mail address is correct.
When you didn't receive a return mail from us, we may not have received your correct e-mail address.
We cannot answer at all to any troubles or complaints by the entry mistake of a customer's mail address Thanks for your comprehension.

Attention to all customers
    Sample pictures shown on our web page may differ from the actual merchandises.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Our merchandises are limited, so please place an order ONLY IF you are sure of buying.

By any chance, if you cancel an order without notifying us or you give us a late cancel notice, you will not be able to place an order through our mail order service in the future.

The display based on Japanese Specific Commercial Law
    Merchant name: Lindbergh Co.,Ltd.
Representative: Takao Fujii
Telephone number: +81-3-3705-2021
Fax Number: +81-3-3705-0194
Selling prices: Indicated individually on the goods
Return policy: Basically no return or exchange, but defective commodities without marking can be exchanged with nondefectives (in case of stockout, the item will be refunded) Return / exchange period: Please inform us within three days from the delivery of your order.
Fees other than commodity prices: Shipping and handling fees
Available payment methods: Credit card
  Membership registration
    Although you can order freely from Lindbergh Online Shop without membership, once you are registered and have your own ID and password, you don't have to type in your contact information (name, address, etc.) each time you place an order.
If you are registered, 4% of the purchase amount of money will be automatically added as a point.
The point can be used for goods purchase if you saved 1000 points (1 pint = 1 yen) or more.
You can use only 1000 points for one order.
Please push a "point use" button after login with ID and password with ID and a Password at the time of settlement of accounts in the case of use.
  International Orders are Welcome!!!
    To place an order, please follow the methods described below.

Please select item(s) you wish to purchase and click "Add To Cart".
After you finish selecting item(s), go to "Shopping Cart" and review your selected item(s) to make sure you have selected right item(s).

    2. On the "Check Out" page, please fill in all the columns regarding your personal information.
Then click "review your order" box.
You will see the confirmation page, and please carefully review the information you entered then click "Order Submit" box.

You will see the Credit Card Information page, and please fill in all the columns regarding your credit card information.
After you place an order, you will receive our auto reply soon and then we will contact you within 3 days. This time is required in order for us to find the merchandise(s) you wish to acquire.
    3. We will inform you the state of stocks and your grand total including shipping & handling. Since our merchandises are pre-owned, stock availability is subject to change.
Please understand that even if an item is shown as available, it is possible that our information might not be fully updated and we may actually not have the merchandise in stock.
    4. The listed items are not all we have, so please contact us if you can not find what you are looking for on our site.
  Ordering Policy

We charge shipping, handling, customs duty plus the sub total for a mail order.
When ordering, please inform us your shipping address including the country you live in.
The country name is necessary in order to calculate the shipping cost for your order accurately.

A handling charge (500 YEN) will be added to your payment, which is less than the amount of 4990 YEN( not include the shipping).
For an order exceeding the subtotal of 5000 YEN (not include the shipping), a handing charge will be free.

Customs duty may be charged on your bill when the package arrives at the customs in your country.
We are not responsible for any duties which are imposed on merchandises you have purchased.

All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.

Since, our items are all pre-owned, some may have a slight damage. We will inform you the condition of an item if it is not in mint condition, otherwise all items are almost as good as brand new!

Please notice in advance: the sample pictures shown on our web page may differ from the actual merchandises.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Once we know the grand total of your order, we will inform you the amount via e-mail.

We reserve the right to cancel any order and refuse service to anyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time.

We will ship out your item(s) on the same day we charge from your credit card.

    We ship out all items by EMS(International postal express mail).
The shipping may vary by which country you live in and the weight of the items(includes the weight of the packing material) you ordered.
Also, due to the postal circumstances, the shipping fee could not be as accurate.

You can also confirm your shipping cost from the chart below
North America,
the Middle and Near East
South America
Up to 300g 900 YEN 1200 YEN 1500 YEN 1700 YEN
Up to 500g 1100 YEN 1500 YEN 1800 YEN 2100 YEN
Up to 600g 1240 YEN 1680 YEN 2000 YEN 2440 YEN
Up to 700g 1380 YEN 1860 YEN 2200 YEN 2780 YEN
Up to 800g 1520 YEN 2040 YEN 2400 YEN 3120 YEN
Up to 900g 1660 YEN 2220 YEN 2600 YEN 3460 YEN
Up to 1000g 1800 YEN 2400 YEN 2800 YEN 3800 YEN
Up to 1250g 2100 YEN 2800 YEN 3250 YEN 4600 YEN
Up to 1500g 2400 YEN 3200 YEN 3700 YEN 5400 YEN
Up to 1750g 2700 YEN 3600 YEN 4150 YEN 6200 YEN
Up to 2000g 3000 YEN 4000 YEN 4600 YEN 7000 YEN
Up to 2500g 3500 YEN 4700 YEN 5400 YEN 8500 YEN
Up to 3000g 4000 YEN 5400 YEN 6200 YEN 10000 YEN
Up to 3500g 4500 YEN 6100 YEN 7000 YEN 11500 YEN
Up to 4000g 5000 YEN 6800 YEN 7800 YEN 13000 YEN
Up to 4500g 5500 YEN 7500 YEN 8600 YEN 14500 YEN
Up to 5000g 6000 YEN 8200 YEN 9400 YEN 16000 YEN
Up to 5500g 6500 YEN 8900 YEN 10200 YEN 17500 YEN
Up to 6000g 7000 YEN 9600 YEN 11000 YEN 19000 YEN
Up to 7000g 7800 YEN 10700 YEN 12300 YEN 21100 YEN
Up to 8000g 8600 YEN 11800 YEN 13600 YEN 23200 YEN
Up to 9000g 9400 YEN 12900 YEN 14900 YEN 25300 YEN
Up to 10000g 10200 YEN 14000 YEN 16200 YEN 27400 YEN

Items will be shipped out to the address provided by the customer and please allow 3 to 7 business days to be delivered.
If your item does not arrive within 10 days after being notified about the shipment, please contact us.

The shipment by EMS(international express mail from Japan)fully covers the damage and the loss of your package while transporting.
    We currently take credit card payment via online.
After receiving an order from you, we will e-mail you the grand total of your order including shipping & handling.
We will charge from your credit card on the same day we ship out your items.

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